Here’s the truth about Medicare

The Labor Party have already started their scare campaign on Medicare.

They tried it last election – it remains a lie, it’s underhanded, and its misinformation.

So it’s time to talk about Medicare, and some of the facts.

We established the Medicare Guarantee – we are backing it, and that will never change.

Scott Morrison’s May Budget increases funding for Medicare by $6 billion over the coming years.

In fact, Commonwealth Medicare funding has increased from $19 billion per year when Labor were last in power, to $30 billion next financial year.

That’s an $11 billion increase.

And it will keep increasing, by $1 billion a year through to 2025.

Bulk billing rates are also at a record high – 88.7 per cent for the period from July 2020 to March 2021.

This is higher than the same period when Labor were last in government.

We have also done a review to the Medicare Benefits Schedule.

This provided almost 1,400 recommendations to Government, by clinicians and everyday Australians on how to improve the system.

We’ve already implemented thousands of these changes.

So what could it mean for you?

More items are now available through Medicare, including:

Over $288 million to improve mental health outcomes for patients with a medication-resistant major depressive disorder.

Over $40 million for ambulatory blood pressure monitoring – a new service for diagnosing high blood pressure that provides greater accuracy for diagnosis.

$27 million for plastic and reconstructive surgery items, including general and skin surgeries, and a range of medical items I won’t dare try and pronounce.

And this is just a very small snapshot of what we have improved.

Disappointingly, Labor say they will fight the changes – meaning they do not want you to be able to access the best, most modern services available.

You can help by calling your local Labor MP and telling them it isn’t good enough.

The Morrison Government is backing Medicare – we always will, and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you.