Backing Western Australia

I’m proud to be your Senator for Western Australia. We live in the best state of the greatest country in the world but there many challenges ahead of us.

Together we can:

  • Secure our fair share of the GST, now, and into the future.
  • Support hard working families and low-middle income earners suffering from the rising cost of living.
  • Stop Labor’s plan to bring in IR laws and red tape that will cripple small business and make it hard for gig economy workers to make a living.
  • Make Western Australia an advanced Defence manufacturing hub for our shipbuilding and AUKUS projects.
  • Ensure hardworking Western Australians and business owners are able to keep more of their own money by holding Labor to account on tax relief.
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My singular focus as a member of the Australian Senate is ensuring both Western Australia and its people are able to reach their full potential. I believe best way we can achieve this is through big and bold thinking, sound economic management, careful and minimal regulation, job-enabling and wealth-creating legislation and a good, traditional Liberal government.

As a state, we’re leading the nation and, in many cases, the world in research and development for processing and refining lithium and rare earths; in ground-breaking technology for the resources industry; and in building the agriculture industry of the future.

“Western Australia is a state with endless potential, but we also have a great deal of work to do to ensure that we fully realise it.”

We also have unique and deepening economic and cultural relationships with nations in our near region. We’re on the same time zone, plus or minus two hours, with 60 per cent of the global population and have overlapping business hours with key markets in Europe, the US, the Middle East and Asia. And despite Perth being an isolated city, we’re also Australia’s gateway to the great cities of the world.

China and India, along with nations on their periphery, have growing middle classes. People for the first time are seeking to explore the world and grow individual wealth. There are also key markets on our doorstep for new inbound investment and tourism opportunities.

“We need to ensure growth benefits not just the Western Australian and national economy but individuals and the communities in which they live.”

Despite our large size of around one-third of the Australian continent, the spread and scope of economic opportunity does not match the spread of our population, with around 92 per cent of Western Australians living in the city and southwest. It’s time we restart the discussion on not only how we grow the economy in regional and remote Western Australia but how we ensure this growth delivers employment, opportunities and practical development outcomes for the communities in which it occurs.

“We need to develop a vision in the same spirit of those great Western Australians who came before us who weren't afraid to think big and be bold.”
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Fixing the GST

I believe in the principle of keeping what you earn. For too long Western Australia faced GST returns as low as 30 cents in the dollar – which could have potentially fallen to zero. The WA Liberal team spent years advocating for reforms which mean our GST return will not fall below a floor of 75 cents, whilst providing $4.5 billion in top up payments for our state.

WA as a Defence Hub

I was proud to help secure investment from the previous Coalition Government to make our state Australia’s second largest naval shipbuilding hub, and the location for the build of 34 out of 57 next generation vessels for the Royal Australian Navy.

We now need to hold Labor to account, ensuring that projects are delivered on time, and crucially, that the nuclear-powered submarine capability through AUKUS continues.

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Backing WA through infrastructure funding

WA is growing and we need the roads, rail and bridges to ensure we can cope with that growth and maintain our enviable lifestyle.

Some of the projects I am proud to have helped secure include:

  • NorthLink; Tonkin Highway upgrades;
  • Upgrades to Armadale Road;
  • Finally delivering the Bunbury Outer Ring Road;
  • Albany Ring Road;
  • and The Great Northern Highway.

Garden Street & Nicholson Road Flyover

Locally, I am campaigning to ensure that the Nicholson Road and Garden Street Flyover gets built.

Funding secured by the former Coalition Government to upgrade this dangerous intersection is at risk of being cut by Labor.

Hundreds of local residents have signed my petition saying we need this flyover.

Click here to sign.